Seattle Homeowner’s Guide to Luxury Home Design Trends for 2021

rez-construction-designSeattle, WA is one of America’s most modern cities. If you’re having a home in the Greater Seattle Area built or remodeled, you need your home to look modern and stylish, or else it may stand out for all the wrong reasons. To help you figure out the best interior design choices for your new home, here are some of the most popular home design trends that homeowners must know:

A Dedicated Workspace

Most traditional homes were made with only comfort in mind. However, due to many companies shifting to a work-from-home setup over the past year, a dedicated workspace has become a home essential for many people. This is especially true for those living near busy cities like Seattle.

Your home has to have a dedicated place where you can be productive and work without any distractions. Your workspace should be designed to help your brain work efficiently and effectively. This is the perfect place for abstract art pieces and patterned wall decors as these can give a focused and professional ambiance to your room. A table lamp would also be a helpful addition to your desk as it would provide more lighting as you work.

Earth Tones

Earth tones have become one of the most popular color schemes for modern homes. Natural, earthy colors like rusts, greens, and browns give the home a calming and welcoming feel that could be what you need for this year.

There are many ways to incorporate earth tones into your home interiors. Wooden furniture, particularly walnut wood, can help give your rooms a relaxing yet modern feel. Dark wooden doors have a classy and sophisticated appearance and give your home a luxurious feel. Indoor plants have also become a very popular design choice over the past year and can give your rooms a vibrant and colorful design piece as well as a natural air filter.

Eco-Friendly Interiors

Seattle is an eco-friendly city, with environmental sustainability being embedded in its culture with its green spaces, energy conservation efforts, and electric public transportation systems.

Given how important the environment is to Seattle’s culture, eco-friendly design should also be something you consider when thinking of how you want your new home to look.

Having reclaimed wood walls and furniture can give your home a peaceful, earthy tone while also giving it an eco-friendly aesthetic. Even home staples like traditional fireplaces have more sustainable, carbon-free alternatives. These green design choices give the perfect blend between traditional and modern home interiors.

Luxurious Spaces and Items

Another popular trend that you should look into is hotel-like design. You may want to feel like your home has a grand feel to it. This year, you may want to treat yourself like royalty and design your home to be grand, luxurious, and bold. High-quality materials like velvet and cashmere have become more sought-after texture and design choices in the modern home.

One particular area that you may want to consider splurging on is your bed. As we spend a large part of our lives asleep, having a comfortable mattress, high-quality bed sheets, and plush pillows can be seen as a worthwhile investment.


Bidets have become a highly sought-after addition to many home bathrooms over the past year, largely due to shortages of toilet paper across the country. Bidets are currently a must-have in any bathroom because of the functionality that they bring.

These are just some home design trends that you can incorporate into your new Seattle home. Contact Rez Construction for quality home building and remodeling services and get started on building your modern and stylish dream house today.